Tuesday, January 19, 2010

3 week count down

Well, Time is almost here! Elijah Christian Wright will be born on February 9th,2010.
After meeting with the neonatal team and doctor Ross again today we feel like this is the best thing for Elijah. We have prayed fervently that God would order our steps and He has proven over and over again that he has indeed gone before us. Dr. Mesa was wonderful and I believe God gave him the exact words I needed to hear this morning. We are taking Elijah out 3 weeks early because of the low fluid factor. They are concerned for his cord getting pinched as he continues to grow in such a confined space. If his lungs have developed to be the right size, the aerola can certainly develop on a ventilator. We will also be meeting in the next week with the urologist at Children's as well.
In the natural, the odds are stacked highly against Elijah's survival, but we operate in the supernatural where we know that "Elijah is more than a conqueror"(Romans 8:37) and that "God will perfect that which concerns Elijah and he will not forsake the works of His own hands." (Psalm 138:8)We are fully believing that God has breathed the breath of Life into Elijah's lungs and that His living water has sustained him in the womb. We claim that "God has given His angels charge over Elijah and that they are holding him up so that he won't even hurt his foot on a stone." (Psalm 91)
Thank you all so much for praying us through this. Please keep it up! Please pray for wisdom for the doctors and nurses, pray "no weapon formed against Elijah will prosper in Jesus' name, and nothing shall harm him by any means,"pray that God will continue to heal his chromosomes,bladder,kidney's and urethra and that his lungs will fully develop. You guys have been amazing support for us and we are truly greatful. May God richly bless you for the time you have invested in praying for Elijah and our family.
Much Love-Kelli