Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Our Little Miracle is Here!!

This is Kristi, Kelli's sister with an update from Brookwood Hospital. At approximately 8:15am this morning, Elijah Christian Wright was born 7lbs 6oz! Kelli delivered by C Section and is doing wonderful!
Baby Elijah is in the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit now fighting as hard as he can. When he was born, Kelli and Les heard him cry were able to touch his sweet little hand and see him before he was wisked away by the wonderful team that is here at Brookwood.
However, when he cried, his tiny little lungs were to small to take in the air and they popped. They have a few holes in them now, but the team has a breathing tube in his mouth and chest tubes in his lungs to keep oxygen in his lungs and through his body! He also has an IV in his little belly button to keep him full of fluids.
We have already witnessed a complete miracle in his birth so far, but we are still praying for complete healing of his body! Please help us and continue to pray that God will heal his body and strengthen and grow his lungs so that they can take him off all the breathing machines! His lungs are the most critical right now! His body needs more oxygen to maintain! Please pray now for healing in his lungs!!
Baby Elijah has a head full of dark hair, the cutest little button nose and his skin feels like soft velvet! He looks a little bit like Abbie when she was born!
Thank you all so very much for your continued prayers! We still believe that Elijah will be healed by the Power of Jesus Christ!
Love you all! I will continue to keep you all updated!


  1. We have been keeping updated by reading Robin's posts on Facebook...our prayers are with you all at this time. Leigh and Rob Plimmer Atlanta GA

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  3. We give thanks in all circumstances. We know little Elijah is healed and whole. Lord, our eyes are on You. Use every second of this precious baby's life, from conception to his last breath here on earth, for Your glory. Pour out Your blessing on Kelli and her family Lord. We lift them up to You, our Comforter, our Counselor, our Salvation, our Hope, our Mighty God, our Shelter and Fortress, our Refuge, our Provider, the Rock. I pray Ps. 36:10 for the Wright family. May God minister to you the way you have ministered to so many others. Love, Elizabeth

  4. Kelli - I am continuing to remember you all in my prayers. I am sorry for your loss, but at the same time so thankful for your faith and your willingness to share this journey with us. You, your family, and Elijah have been an inspiration to me. Thank you and God bless you all during this time and the days and weeks to come.

  5. Dear Family,
    You are in my prayers! While I know that you do not know me, I wanted you to know that the Throne of God has been flooded by many on your behalf. I can not imagine the smile on sweet little Elijah's face when he met Jesus and his little lungs and kidneys were healed. I pray that God gives you peace and strength.

  6. So beautiful! Your strength and faith is inspiring and an example for us all. We continue to keep you all in our prayers. Leigh and Rob Plimmer